Multicolor amber necklace

Multicolor amber necklace

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Baltic amber necklaces together with hazelwood or other gemstones are a unique opportunity to buy amber necklaces for adults that are different than usual. Amber necklaces are a great gift idea for anyone who wants to surprise their close friend or colleague with this gift. A unique opportunity to buy an amazing necklace now at an affordable price. Each piece of amber is carefully selected and strung to make it exceptionally beautiful and unique.

Baltic amber has healing properties, so it is very important here to protect against certain diseases. Amber is associated with nerve diseases, heart activity, it calms and improves well-being. Therefore, Baltic amber is highly valued and coveted as a stone. The strung pieces of amber perfectly meet all the requirements and are suitable for wearing with various clothes.

Necklace length: 45 cm or 17,1 inches

Baltic amber
Silver 925

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