Black Genuine amber bracelet

Black Genuine amber bracelet

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Black Genuine amber bracelet

Baltic amber bracelet jewelry made of real amber. Each piece of amber is unique and specially selected and strung into one bracelet. The Baltic amber bracelet is unique in that it has its own design. More than 1000 different bracelet designs from the AMBERLILA store. From these amber bracelets, you can choose the design you like or order your own individual design.

Amber bracelet jewelry only from the best suppliers in Lithuania. Therefore, you will be sure to get real amber, which has health benefits. So here you will find an amber bracelet with diversification with gemstones, glass or pieces of wood. The gemstone here helps the amber stand out even more and be noticeable.

Baltic amber


7,5 x 5,2 mm

Length: 18 cm or 7,1 inches
Code: KN11



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