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Hematite Beads Glass Baltic amber Bracelet

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This style Baltic amber bracelet for women or girls. This is a unique amber bracelet that is felt when worn on the hand. This bracelet will only be available from our AMBERLILA store. It is a healing bracelet that makes it very popular and fashionable.

The Baltic amber bracelet is unique in that it has healing properties. This is especially true when we want to avoid stress, nerve disease, or other minor illnesses. This amber bracelet makes you feel youthful because the amber bracelet is included with other beads. This way, an amber bracelet allows you to have a unique bracelet that consists of a gemstone, or glass beads. This amber bracelet is perfect for a variety of occasions such as Valentine’s Day or other holiday celebrations. Our store allows you to buy an exclusive beauty bracelet that reminds you of real freshness and certainty.

Handmade bracelet for women.

Baltic amber

Length: 18 cm or 7,1 inches
Code: K8051



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